Democrat for Glendale City Council | Vote Feb 22 – March 3, 2020

Hello, neighbors! I’m an economics professor and community advocate running for Glendale City Council in the election on March 3. I live in the beautiful Niodrara Historic District just north of Glendale College. I am the proud father of two children ages 28 (middle school teacher) and 24 (graphic designer).

About eight years ago, after a rewarding career in banking and finance–including 12 years in Asia–I decided it was time to give back. So I threw away the steady paycheck and reinvented myself, first as a teacher of history at a private school in China, then as an economics professor at Glendale College, and more recently as an advocate for the environment. I’ve never for one second regretted it.

I have a deep admiration for people from all places and all walks of life. I believe everyone deserves a roof over their head and access to basic education, healthcare, and nutrition. We all are better when the least well off among us are provided for. I also believe we are responsible for leaving behind a healthier and more stable world than the one we inherited.

I’m running for office because I think we can, and must, do better. Whether it’s our impact on the environment, how we handle the forces of development and rising housing costs, or how we treat one another, we need to be self critical and open to new approaches. We have the potential to be among the greatest cities in California, and to lead by example.

I am not running as a stepping stone for another political office, or to further a business career, or to hand out benefits to my friends. I don’t need to do those things. I’m running because I believe this great city needs leaders that have the vision and fortitude to drive change. As someone who has been pushing for change from the outside, I know what that means.

I founded the Glendale Environmental Coalition (GEC) and led our community’s fight to get Glendale to replace a dirty gas plant with renewable energy. After over 1,200 people showed up at three rallies at City Hall, we won – and the city conceded that our modern, clean energy system will save residents $174 million.

“This power plan has a PV cost $174M less than the portfolio most similar to the 2015 proposed Grayson Repower plan, indicating that this IRP will not only reduce emissions and decrease the amount of thermal generation built to less than 100 MW total but will also save Glendale customers nearly 20% of the cost in the process.”

-Glendale Water and Power 2019 Integrated Resource Plan

I’m a proud Democrat and a member of the American Federation of Teachers. I’m not taking corporate PAC money, fossil fuel money, or money from any company that does not demonstrate the highest standards of sustainability and ethics. I’ve also decided not to take money from property developers. That’s a choice I have made so that when I get into office I will be accountable only to the public. And I’ll get right to work. I’ll be a fighter, and ask the tough questions of City staff and other leaders, just as I have been doing these last couple years on the Grayson power plant fight.

Winning this race is going to be a community effort. I hope you’ll join us!


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