If you’re a renter trying to decide who to vote for in this election, you’re going to have to contend with a lot of misinformation.

Keep housing affordable”? We’re in a housing affordability crisis!

This mailer was sent by the Apartment Owner’s Association, a special interest group that has poured tens of thousands of dollars into this race. Don’t be fooled by the name of the committee: this group does not represent tenants. They are a trade association that lobbies for the interests of landlords.

When they sent me their questionnaire, I declined to return it. I don’t believe this special interest money has any place in Glendale’s local election.

If you’re looking for voting recommendations written for and by Glendale’s tenant community, go here: https://www.glendaletenants.org/scorecard

There’s a lot of dirty money in this election. Greg Astorian, a property developer, has poured $66,000 of his own wealth into an attempt to buy a seat, while getting 0 contributions under $100. Most of the other candidates take donations from developers. 

Meanwhile, I have raised more than twice as much in small-dollar contributions as the other 7 candidates combined. That’s good – that reduces my reliance on large donors. Only 26 of my 535 donors are from out of state, all of them personal friends or family members.

I’m including a list below of the independent expenditures in this race. As you can see, the only organization spending its own money to elect me, Unite Here Local 11, represents janitors: 

  • Independent expenditures for me:
    • $7,500 from Unite Here Local 11 – a union of janitors
  • For Vartan Gharpetian, Greg Astorian, and Paula Devine:
    • $84,000 from the National Association of Realtors
  • For Paula Devine:
    • $3,000 from Unite Here Local 11
  • For Ardy Kassakhian:
    • $25,000 from the Apartment Owners Association
    • $25,000 from the Charter Schools PAC
    • $15,000 from IBEW Local 18 – a union that fights against clean energy
    • $10,000 from DaVita, Inc – a pharmaceutical company
    • $4,500 from Unite Here Local 11
  • Against Vartan Gharpetian:
    • $15,000 from Unite Here Local 11

The Apartment Owners Association has also contributed $2,100 directly to Vartan Gharpetian, exceeding the legal contribution limit by cleverly splitting the donation between their local and state PACs.

Source: https://www.glendalevotes.org/disclosure-statements

There’s a newsletter going around that alleges I take “special interest money”, and then lists some supposed sources. But most of the groups on the list haven’t actually given me any money, all of them are local, and one of them, Trojan Advocates for Political Progress, is a college extracurricular club. Here’s the full list:

I don’t think college clubs are what people usually have in mind when they describe special interests, but then again, I guess I’m in the pocket of Big Janitor! 

Let’s break this down. I’ll helpfully add how much each group has given me, and who they are:

$0: Democrats For Neighborhood Action – A local Democratic club that has also endorsed 2 other candidates, neither of whom are decried in the newsletter.

$200: East Area Progressive Democrats – A local Democratic club that has also endorsed 2 other candidates, neither of whom are decried in the newsletter.

$0: Ground Game LA – A local grassroots housing group.

$1140: Los Angeles League of Conservation Voters – The local branch of the League of Conservation Voters, that has also endorsed 2 other candidates, neither of whom are decried in the newsletter.

$0: Our Revolution Los Angeles & Our Revolution Santa Clarita Valley – Local branches of a grassroots progressive organization.

$0: Trojan Advocates For Political Progress – A college extracurricular club.

$900: Planned Parenthood Advocates Pasadena & San Gabriel Valley – The local branch of Planned Parenthood, that has also endorsed another candidate, who is not decried in the newsletter.

$0: Sierra Club – The local branch of the Sierra Club, that has also endorsed 2 other candidates, neither of whom are decried in the newsletter.

$0: Sunrise Movement Los Angeles – a grassroots organization, with many members in Glendale, led by high school and college students.

The newsletter also accused me of having an abnormal number of out-of-state donations. Of my 535 donors, only 26 contributions are from out of state. They are all listed below, so you can see the sources of my out of state campaign funds and judge for yourself if they constitute scary outside special interests:

  • Emily Brotman, my daughter
  • Mark Lewis, my grad school roommate
  • Scott Weaver, my brother in law
  • Steve Cowan, my college roommate
  • Jupe Tsui, my old Cisco colleague and friend
  • Arden Buck, a retired atmospheric scientist who learned of my work on Grayson
  • Chris Niessl, a college friend of my campaign manager
  • Jim McGee, a college friend of my campaign manager
  • Sammy Jelin, a college friend of my campaign manager
  • Donna Rosenthal, my aunt
  • Blair Flicker, my childhood friend
  • Aaron Brotman, my brother
  • Ben Brotman, my brother
  • Elizabeth Clain, the wife of my oldest friend
  • Paul Liu, a grad school buddy
  • Paul DiLeo, my ex-boss from when I worked for the NY Fed
  • Robert Brotman, my father
  • Beth Madrash, my cousin
  • David Brotman, my brother                                                                 
  • Ginny Williamson, my step mother
  • Hui-Juan Jaros, a family friend
  • Josh Goodman, who was on the Burbank Sustainability Commission, but moved
  • Kent Minault, who was involved with Sierra Club in LA, but moved
  • Todd Lowe, an old Cisco colleague   
  • Katie Miles, a Glendale resident who listed her NY address
  • Jennifer Tanner, an LA resident who listed her out of state address                     

You don’t have to take my word for it. All of my finances are disclosed on the City’s website. If you look at them, you’ll see no contributions from anyone with business before the city. I’m unbought, and I’m going to stay that way.

Paid for by Dan Brotman for City Council 2020. FPPC ID: 1419316

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