Glendale has always been pro-growth and pro-development. Never has this been more obvious than in the last decade, with all the giant new luxury apartment buildings crowding our downtown. We need to take a breath and re-think where we want to go.

We deserve a city that is thoughtfully planned. We deserve good design. We deserve projects that respect both the character and housing needs of our neighborhoods. We need smart development, not luxury over-development.

I urge other candidates to join me in refusing to take campaign contributions from developers. The public needs to know that their leaders are working for them and not for outside interests.

Glendale’s “anything goes” reputation for development has to stop. While some developers have contributed positively to the City, too many have been granted generous concessions without giving back in equal measure. The surge of hotels and giant residential complexes attests to that. Large developers have ruled our City for too long, from behind the scenes as well as from the Council dais.

This year, Council finally adopted more rigorous design standards for the downtown area. But why stop there? Standards need to be improved across the City: in downtown and adjacent areas, in our smaller-scale commercial corridors like Glenoaks Blvd., Montrose and Adams Hill, and in our neighborhoods. 

As a Council member I will work to:

  • improve design standards across the City;
  • ensure appointees to the Design Review Board, Planning Commission, and Historic Preservation Commission have the appropriate experience and training;
  • reduce appeal fees to make it easier for the public to appeal projects;
  • extract more meaningful concessions from developers, including LEED certification for downtown area projects; and
  • initiate the first comprehensive traffic study in more than forty years.

We can and must do better!

Paid for by Dan Brotman for City Council 2020. FPPC ID: 1419316

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