Glendale is home to a rich mix of private and public cultural institutions such as the Alex Theater, the Brand Library, the Museum of Neon Art, and the Antaeus Theatre, just to name a few. It is also the home to some of the greatest creative companies in the world, including Walt Disney Imagineering and DreamWorks Studios. Yet most people don’t associate Glendale with arts and culture. Let’s change that!

As the parent of a budding graphic designer currently studying at Art Center College, I understand the critical role that the arts play in our lives. The arts are what makes us human. We have been drawing, sculpting, making music, composing poetry and telling stories just about as long as we have been a species. Economic prosperity without arts and culture is unfulfilling and unsustainable. In any case, there is ample evidence that a vibrant arts scene stimulates economic prosperity. 

The City recently adopted an Urban Art Program Plan. This plan gives us the opportunity to turn Glendale into a recognized arts and culture destination, but for that to happen, there needs to be a genuine commitment to implement it. The City currently has over $7 million in developer impact fees in its Urban Arts Fund ready to be put to work. We cannot let this plan end up like so many others—a fancy report sitting on someone’s shelf.  

As your Councilmember, I will champion the development of a diversified and flourishing arts scene by:

  1. Ensuring adequate staffing in the Library, Arts & Culture Department to guarantee full implementation of the Urban Arts Program, and empowering our Arts & Culture Commission to play a meaningful role in the process;
  2. Commissioning more iconic public art pieces and providing greater support for resident artists to create temporary or permanent works of art in our neighborhoods, including murals to enliven City streetscapes;
  3. Integrating art into the planning of all new City-funded projects, including parks, transit facilities and buildings; and,
  4. Ensuring we protect and maintain the great art and architecture already gracing the City.

Paid for by Dan Brotman for City Council 2020. FPPC ID: 1419316

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